A Fan Submission XOXO

The wife and I had just thrown a great 18th bday party for our niece. Everyone was now gone or passed out…or so we thought. We decided to put a porno on and have some fun. The wife snuggled up onto my chest as the movie began. She had was slowly rubbing my shaft over my boxers. There was a knock at our door. I paused the movie and said come in. It was my nieces best friend Hanna. She said she was having a hard time sleeping with all the snoring from everyone in the living room and asked if she could come watch tv with us. As I was about to say no( wanting to keep having fun) the wife said she could. I went to turn the movie off and the wife said don’t turn it off Hanna may want to watch. Hanna said she had never watched a porno. She crawled under the covers and snuggled up on the other side of me. My cock is pulsing and now I can’t do anything about it. Hanna tried to get comfortable and flips her leg over my crotch. Surely she can feel my hard cock under her leg. The wife(Lisa) asks Hanna if she had ever seen a real cock. Hanna said she had only seen her friends once as he was peeing. Lisa asked Hanna if she wanted to see one up close and started to pull the covers down. I tried to hold them up playfully as I was kind of in shock how this was going. Lisa pulled the covers off of all of us. She lifted Hanna’s leg off my crotch and told Hanna to look. U could clearly see the bulge from under my boxers. Lisa began running her hand up amd down the shaft looking at Hanna. She then pulled my throbbing cock out from my boxers and kept slowing stroking me. Lisa asks Hanna what she thought. Hanna said it looked veiny. Lisa asked Hanna if she wanted to touch it. Hanna blushed and shook her head no bashfully. Lisa reached over and grabbed Hannah’s hand and put it on my shaved balls. Hanna’s eyes lite up and she said they felt silky soft. She wasn’t expecting them to be so soft. Hanna’s hand wrapped around the base with Lisa’s hand on top of hers guiding her.

Together their hands stroked my cock till a drop of precum emerged from the head. Lisa used the tip of her tongue to lick it off as Hanna’s hand continued to stroke up and down. Lisa asked Hanna if she wanted to suck on my cock. Hanna again blushed but this time eagerly shook her head her. She said she didn’t know what to do. Lisa told her to just wrap her lips around the head and suck taking the shaft into her mouth without scraping her teeth. By this time I am fighting every urge to cum. Hanna gets about half my cock into her mouth and lets out a subtle gag and lifts her head up off my cock. Her face turns red with embarrassment. Lisa tells her that’s normal and now she knows where her gag reflex is. As Hanna goes back to sucking on my I notices Lisa has begun rubbing Hanna’s butt. Lisa moves behind Hanna and pulls her shorts down over her hips and down her thighs. Hanna isn’t wearing any panties. I feel Hanna’s body twitch as I’m guessing Lisa has started rubbing her pussy. With my cock in her mouth, Hanna let’s out a soft moan. Lisa reaches her hand up to my mouth and sticks her finger out rubbing them over my lips. I stick my tongue out as I really want to taste Hanna’s pussy. Lisa lowers her face behind Hanna’s ass. Her whole body jolts forward towards me. I’m guessing this is the first time she has ever had her pussy licked. Hanna’s head is going up and down my hard shaft so fast I want to cum. I push her head off of me just before I do. Lisa climbs back onto the bed and straddles over my throbbing cock. She guides it into her wet pussy slowly lowering herself onto it. She tells Hanna to straddle my face. I watch with anticipation as I see her lift her leg over my face. Her pussy lips are glistening with her dew. She barely puts her knee down before my tongue hits her clit. I feel her body twitch and she let’s put another soft moan. She tastes so sweet with each lick. I rapidly flick my tongue over and over again her clit.

I can feel Lisa grinding back and forth on my cock. As I increased the speed of my tongue flicking on Hanna’s clit her moans become louder. I feel her body starting to fence up and her legs begin to quiver. She is having her 1st ever orgasm. I head Lisa ask Hanna if she wants to try getting fucked by my cock. This really excites Hanna as her pussy is flooded with her sweet nectar which I happily lick up. This time Hanna confidently says yes. They both climb off of me. Lisa laid down on the bed 1st spreading her legs. She told Hanna to get on her hands and knew on the edge of the bed. She told Hanna to lick her pussy like it was a melting ice cream cone. As Hanna lowered her face between Lisa’s legs I got behind her. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her wet lips. Slowly I pushed just the head between her folds. Hanna left out a yell. Lisa whispered to her to relax and pulled her face back into her crotch. As I slide inside her incredibly tight hole inch by once I felt Hanna squeezing my cock. She lifted her head again and said it felt so huge inside her and hurts a little. I asked if she wanted me to pull out and stop. She looked back at me and said “Hell no. Fuck me please” I slowly pulled back out leaving just the head inside her. Slowly working back and forth stretching her open. I heard Lisa let out a loud moan and yell she is cumming. I feel Hanna tense up again as another orgasm ripples throughout her body. Lisa looks into my eyes and tells me to fill her pussy with my cum. I grab Hanna by the hips and increase the tempo that I’m fucking her with. It doesn’t take long and I begin shooting my warm cum deep inside Hanna. I pull my cum covered cock out of her and Hanna collapses onto Lisa. I crawl up next to Lisa’s face and put my cock into her mouth so she can lick off mine and Hannas cum. Then we all went to sleep. I’ve gotten a few messages from my niece telling me that Hanna has been asking when our next party is and wants to know if she can cum again